Telescopic Pool Enclosures
Telescopic Pool Enclosures

Commercial Enclosures

Commercial swimming pool enclosure buildings offer greater ALL YEAR and 24 HOUR use of an existing swimming pool if required, and have other uses such as Restaurant Extensions (covering an outdoor patio area), health club etc. for Hotels, Schools, Colleges, Universities, Camping & Caravan Sites etc.

The commercial enclosures are bespoke, comprised of sections that allow variations to suit client and environment. They may be fixed throughout, with side opening doors/windows and end door & windows. Alternatively, they can be retractable, with standard opening sections or reduced opening sections to allow for exterior space limitations.

Telescopic Pool Enclosures are one of the only companies in Europe to offer retractable enclosures that can use double glazed glass. These products offer new opportunities and increased profitability to commercial ventures by extending use of an existing or new swimming pool, or allowing coverage of an area form increased usage throughout the day & year.

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