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Mobile Swimming Pool Floors

This product produces a mobile bottom to your swimming pool which enables you to adjust the bottom height by moving the mobile platform up and down, to cover the surface of the water.


This system can be installed on all types of recessed or above ground pools that feature a flat bottom and vertical walls.

The installation of a mobile pool floor adds versatility to your pool;

  • Low Position: Positioning the pool floor in a low position (like a normal swimming pool), allows you to use as a normal swimming pool.
  • Medium Position: In a medium height position the pool becomes perfect for water sports or aqua gym, adjusting the depth to suit the chosen sport.
  • High Position: In a high position your pool is suitable as a paddling pool giving you peace of mind with regard to the safety of your children.
  • Upper Position: In the upper (highest) position, your swimming pool disappears and takes on the form of a terrace, playground or dance floor, perfect for hosting parties.
  • NB: Our mobile swimming pool bottoms are also appreciated by people with reduced mobility PMR who can access the pool without the need of special equipment.

The structure of a mobile bottom pool is the same as a standard swimming pool, it simply includes cables which are responsible for moving the bottom of the pool up and down to your chosen height. The mobile floors are either made of aluminum or stainless steel and operate through a motorised structure, remotely controlled.

Shape of Swimming Pool

We advise that you make your swimming pool with flat bottom and without concrete staircase as a retractable, automatic staircase can be integrated in the mobile floor. For rounded corners, a maximum radius of 50mm can be accepted.

Mobile Floor Gallery

The Advantages of a Mobile Pool Floor

  • Safety: the depth of the pool adapts to the age of the bathers
  • Modularity: your swimming pool disappears to become a reception area
  • Aesthetics: expertly combining design and ergonomics
  • Easy maintenance: covered by the movable bottom, the water remains clean
  • Energy saving: with the bottom in the high position it limits the evaporation of water and its cooling
  • Manual operation (touch screen or key): used to move the mobile floor up or down to the desired height, with a key to lock the screen for security and a stop button for safety.


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