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Questions always asked about our swimming pool enclosures (relevant to UK mainly)

What does an enclosure cost?
The price depends on size. We cannot give a price per square metre, as an 8m long enclosure requires the same front and rear end as a 20m enclosure. The price also depends on the model; low, standard or high profile, against the wall or with a central beam. The price is variable but the quality remains the same.
Are there standard dimensions?
Since computers have existed, there are no standard dimensions anymore. Before computers, a full day was needed to make up drawings and do the calculations. This can now be done in 10 minutes using a computer.
How long does it take for delivery?
This depends on the time of year. Low season is 3 - 4 weeks and high season can be 3 or 4 months.
What is the best time for me to order an enclosure?
Generally we have less work during the winter, which can have an affect on the price.
Is the delivery date respected?
Every effort is made to meet delivery dates, but these are sometimes effected by unforeseen circumstances.
Is the price fixed until delivery?
Every order will be supplied at the agreed price in so far as delivery follows within 365 days of the date of order. This allows you to place an order at this year's price and have it installed next year.
What about after sales service?
It is very unusual indeed if any is needed. If something should happen we would expect to have a fitter with you within 3 days.
Do I need Planning Permission?
Generally not - as the building is normally 5 metres from the property and within permitted development. However, permission would be required for any commercial use, or for a location in a sensitive area.
What sort of surround do I need?
A level paved area on a concrete bed.
When can an enclosure be installed?
On an existing paved level surround, or in the case of a new installation, when the paving is completed.
What is the weight of an enclosure?
An 8m wide element weighs approximately 340kg. An 8m wide end weighs approximately 700kg.
What material is used to glaze the roof?
16mm triple thickness 'No Drop' polycarbonate. No Drop is a surface treatment, which avoids water droplets forming on the underside.
What type of glazing is used on the sides and ends?
6mm toughened glass to the sides with 6mm toughened glass to the ends with upper glazing 6mm float. Or if double glazed with 16mm low E sealed units or other. Glass can be self-cleaning, tinted, obscure or other.
Do I have to bolt my enclosure to the ground after every use?
It is recommended that the enclosure be bolted down for the winter months but not otherwise.
Do I have to remove the snow from the roof?
No, this is due to the floor rails and the stainless steel reinforcement at the joints.
How do I maintain the enclosure?
By means of a high pressure water jet.
Do I need a floating cover?
This will reduce the condensation almost totally. Using a cover will also reduce the maintenance inside the enclosure and reduce heating costs if the cover is of good quality heat retention.
Does the enclosure have any guttering?
This is not possible, as all the sections slide into one another. If possible, it is better to slightly incline the paving away from the pool.
How is the enclosure built?
Manually. Every enclosure needs 3 - 4 days of assembly in the workshop and a similar time to erect on site. All this work is done by our own skilled fitters and the enclosure is built and glazed on site as they have a proper glazing system with pressure bead and gasket .
What is the seal between the sections?
By means of a polypropylene brush held in a stainless steel profile for normal enclosures and by means of the brush and PVC seal for the half enclosures.
Can leaves and insects gain entry under an enclosure?
You will never completely keep out all insects or leaves etc. due to the nature of the enclosure. However, due to having fly-screens and the floor rails that sit flush on the ground with the plinth profile seal running the whole length, we have tried to keep invasion to a minimum.
Do you make a site visit?
Yes we do, and we can prepare plans and estimates for which we won't charge. Please note - this applies to serious and genuine enquiries.
What is the difference between an enclosure with or without a beam?
Each side of the beam can be opened independently, which makes it possible to be opened and closed by one person. This type of construction is more rigid and resistant to snow and wind loads.
Can an enclosure be mounted against the house?
Yes, if the pool is adjacent to the house. We can build one side or one end against the house.
How does the enclosure operate?
Each section is mounted on wheels and runs on a l3mm high track. The use of a rail decreases the mechanical resistance of the enclosure.
What colour can I have the enclosure?
All colours are possible without a price supplement. Extra is charged for more than one colour.
Can I slide all the sections one way and how long will it take?
With all the sections going one way it will be necessary to detach the front before being able to push the sections clear of the pool. It takes 10 minutes to detach the front and 2 minutes to slide all the sections forward and then 15 to 20 minutes to put the front back in position.
Do I need as much time with a central opening or beam enclosure?
No, in this case you slide the sections each way from the centre which takes 2 minutes both for opening and closing.
Can I open my enclosure every day?
Certainly very easily with the central opening or beam model.
How many doors are there?
As standard, 2 sliding doors, one at each end with a separate fly-screen door so that doors can be open for through draft and fly-screen doors closed to keep out insects and leaves etc.
Can I have a side door?
This is possible with some models but the costs would be extra.
Can the doors be locked?
Every door has a child safety lock. The doors can be locked from the inside by a latch.
Can children slide the sections easily?
Thanks to our floor rails and our self-lubricating wheels, this is very easy.
We live near a farm and have problems with flies?
We can supply fly screens as an extra. This allows ventilation without trapping flies in the enclosure.
Will I be able to stand upright in my enclosure?
As all our enclosures are built to order we can guarantee whatever height you need.
What is the guarantee?
You have two. The first one is a 10 year guarantee on the polycarbonate roof and the reinforced glazing. The second one is for 25 years on the metallic structure against storm winds up to 150 km/h and snow loading up to 120 kg/m2.
My automatic pool sweep needs replacing should I purchase a new one?
We think not as you will only need to sweep the pool 3 or 4 times a year.
What is the temperature in the enclosure?
We all know how the temperatures in our cars are raised when exposed to sunlight. Even on a bright day, without sun, the air temperature will rise as will the water temperature.
Does having an enclosure affect the water temperature?
At the beginning of the season, the water temperature will rise between 3° & 4° F (2°C) every day the sun is shining. 84°F (28°C) is the normally accepted water temperature for a pool with an enclosure.
Can I swim in the winter?
Yes, but you will need to heat the water.
How much fuel will I need to heat the pool in the winter?
To keep the pool at 84°F (28°C) the average pool will use between 450 gallons (2000 lts) and 650 gallons (3000 lts) depending on the severity of the winter.
Must the air be heated?
Not necessarily. The water will heat the air by radiation.
Is there condensation?
If the pool water temperature is higher than the air temperature there will be condensation.
Can I see an enclosure?
We have enclosures in different locations throughout the UK and visits can be arranged by appointment.
Will I have any regrets at having purchased an enclosure?
Yes - that you didn't do it earlier!
Did I forget to ask any questions?
If you have any further questions we shall be pleased to respond to them.

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