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Half Enclosures - movable construction elements mounted to your home or other fixed structures.


We offer a range of fixed or retractable single or double glazed buildings that can be installed against a property, chalet or other. Also, with the use of a glulam beam, goalposts are able to span large areas and glaze down to a wall, building or other.

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The roof can be glass if required, and when fixed, we will normally glaze to a structural aluminium box gutter of 200mm or 300mm, purpose built to suit the situation.

All exterior beams and stanchions for the goal posts, are clad with powder coated aluminium of the same colour as the building. The aluminium box gutter will be externally clad with celetex (PVCu) coloured cladding. This allows the structure to blend in perfectly with its surroundings.

All beams and stanchions are positioned by crane, and stanchions are fixed down with a stainless adjustable shoe, which allows a 70mm clearance from the floor level, preventing it from sitting in water.

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We are also able to provide:

  • Single or double story glass Veranda style frontages for buildings, balcony's, stairways or roof areas.
  • Glass or polycarbonate Courtyard roofs to encapsulate areas beneath walls and provide cover. These can be fixed or retractable.
  • All can be motorised at additional cost if required.

Should the building extend further than 3 metres on a terraced or semi detached property, or 4 metres on a detached property, planning will be required. We will undertake all planning undertaken and Building Regulations as applicable.

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