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Reasons to Invest in a Pool Enclosure

Make use of your swimming pool throughout the year - early morning to late evening, even Christmas Day.

investing in a pool enclosure

Once you have one of our pool enclosures you will reduce pool maintenance - no further leaves, twigs, debris, dirt, insects, small animals etc.

  • Swim with one of our pool enclosures without a constant breeze or wind. No goosebumps. No insects.
  • Save money with one of our pool enclosures - reduce heating costs and chemical usage by 50%.
  • No need to winterise the pool with one of our pool enclosures, which can be used all year or left to tick over - no shock treatment and delays to use when the sun shines.
  • Our pool enclosures help conserve water, and when it rains, water levels are not increased, maintaining the environment within.
  • Our pool enclosures can be retractable if required, allowing for an indoor or outdoor swimming pool - the best of both worlds.
  • Our pool enclosures have glass sides & ends, and roof can also be glass. This ensures that no hand print impressions are caused when touched if there is too much chlorine in the water.
  • All of our pool enclosures have individual, separate narrow tracks for retracting sections. All retracting sections have double sets of self-lubricating wheels, making the enclosure easy to open and close when required. Also, due to design, our Diablo does not have each section locked for security, so no messing about trying to relocate locking pins to secure pool enclosure. Unlike others without a track, which allow too much movement and stop locking pins from being placed back, leading to the pool enclosure being damaged by wind load.
  • The pool enclosure offers security for all, including family pets, as it is secured when not in use and unattended when away from home.
  • Remember, when people have our pool enclosures they say that they wished they had 'Done it Sooner'. Our pool enclosure means you may swim when you want.
  • Normally, deposited order to delivery and start of installation, will be 4 - 6 weeks. Installation, with construction on site will be around 10 - 15 working days by our own experienced full time fitters.
  • Available as standard at no extra cost are over 100 RAL Colours, to ensure that our pool enclosure blends in with the surrounding area and is the colour of choice.

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