Telescopic Pool Enclosures
Telescopic Pool Enclosures


'Since our Telescopic Pool Enclosure was completed, it has met all our expectations for heat gain and retention. In spite of having no additional heating and the unusually low temperatures for the month of May, we were able to start using the pool within 2 weeks and have been using it on a daily basis since. It has also dramatically reduced the amount of cleaning necessary.

Despite its hillside position, our friends have remarked that its low profile and colour make it unobtrusive and blends in with its surroundings.'

Mr & Mrs Green

'Good quality, good service. The workman seemed very skillful and sure of what they were doing.

Very efficient, everything went to plan and everything was done as promised.'

Mr & Mrs Bailey

'I carefully compared other enclosures on the market and without hesitation I chose the quality of this product. It may be a little more expensive, but what does it matter? How can you price peace of mind? I welcome anyone to visit it.'

Mr Langford

'We are delighted with our enclosure which has transformed our pool. We would be very pleased to show our enclosure to interested customers.'

Mr Logan

'These days it is a pleasant surprise to deal with a company whose professionalism and quality is to such a high standard in every way, thank you.'

Mr Buyers

'A dedicated team who take pride in their work and have belief in the product.'

Mr & Mrs Wyatt

'A well run company with excellent labour relations. Rather optimistic regarding time to complete. High quality workmanship. Very good guttering'

Mr Robinson

'The enclosure has been great - I personally used the pool 120 times during a 4 month period in the summer compared with THREE times in the preceding TWO SUMMERS!

The pool expense in terms of heating, chemicals and maintenance are markedly reduced. It is a delight to be able to swim when its raining and the greehouse effect means a warm environment outside the pool even on fairly cool days.'

Anil Chauhan

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